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Digitalise your pre-analytics


Here’s how digital pre-analytics works:

Pre-barcode & S4DX system

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Utilise all the advantages of digital pre-analytics

  • Reduce costs and errors using pre-barcoded sample tubes
  • Close the pre-analytical data gap and improve the basis for medical decisions
  • Optimise your pre-analytical workflow
Digitale Präanalytik mit SARSTEDT und S4DX



Pre-barcode & S4DX


The interaction between pre-barcode sample tubes and the S4DX system in a digital process allows for the collection, backup and visualisation of comprehensive pre-analytical data such as sample and patient status or transport conditions.

This added value for your data provides transparency and security while also saving you time. It also eliminates the tedious, error-prone label attaching process, which adds to your patients’ safety and reduces your staff’s workload.

Digitalise your pre-analytics with pioneering solutions from SARSTEDT.

Hello digital!

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Pre-barcode sample tubes

  • Avoid patient and sample mix-ups
  • Save time and resources
  • Optimise automation through barcodes attached in compliance with the CLSI AUTO02 standard


{{S4DX System}}

S4DX system

  • Record patient and sample status during collection
  • Monitor sample transport
  • Process & visualise pre-analytical data
  • Optimise laboratory processes and reduce costs


Pre-barcode – the next step towards digital pre-analytics

With the pre-barcode sample tubes, you’ll be taking the next step towards a digital future for your pre-analytics. Minimise sources of errors, streamline processes and ensure the quality of your samples.

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Simply safe

The direct assignment of patients to samples prevents mix-ups due to incorrectly attached labels. This increases your patients’ safety and saves you from having to repeat sample collection.

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Simply smart

Your automated sample processing in the laboratory is supported by pre-barcoded sample tubes and thus optimally placed barcodes – sample tubes missing barcodes or with incorrectly attached barcodes become a thing of the past. This accelerates your automation while reducing the likelihood of errors.

Digitale Präanalytik mit SARSTEDT und S4DX

Simply digital

Pre-barcoded sample tubes are digitally linked with a patient order. This facilitates the collection of comprehensive pre-analytical data on sample status, patient status and transport conditions. These data can be used to reconcile abnormalities during analysis.

S4DX system – Create and use added value for data

The S4DX system provides you with quality-relevant data on sample transport as well as important information about patient and sample status – a milestone for assessing diagnostic results.

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More information with S4DX

Close the data gap between sample collection and laboratory analysis. With S4DX, you can see all relevant information on patient and sample status in real time.

S4DX Courier app

Fully digital transport tracking without involving the sender and with no interface to the laboratory IT (LIS), compatible with all common transport containers and methods. Monitor your sample transport with respect to temperature, shock parameters and pickup times.

S4DX Satellite app

Complete digitalisation of pre-analytics from sampling to arrival in the laboratory with fully automatic data transfer to the LIS or HIS – suitable for both clinical and private lab use and for senders with or without order entry.

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Your solution for digital pre-analytics.


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